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Student Career Days - "The National Collegiate Landscape Competition" - is organized by PLANET, the national trade association representing landscape professionals. The event is the largest competition and career recruitment event for college students studying horticulture and landscaping.

Student Career Days got its start in 1975 when horticulture professors at Ohio State University, Michigan State, and Mississippi State proposed a competition between their students.

The event has continued to grow over the years. These days, approximately 850 students from 65 colleges compete in 28 events, held at a different college each year.

Student Career Days combines education; competitive events in which students get to show off their skills in tree climbing, patio building, identifying horticulture specimens, skid steer operation, sales presentation, exterior/interior design, irrigation troubleshooting, wood construction, and more; and a Career Fair that allows recruiters from approximately 75 companies to interview students for jobs.

The recruiting process for students is highly competitive. Even during economic recessions, lawn, landscape, tree care, and irrigation companies struggle with a shortage of well-educated potential employees. Because of that shortage, nearly 100 percent of students graduating from college horticulture and landscape programs have jobs offers. Student Career Days brings students and companies together to build a strong industry for the future.

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